Coaching for grief, individuals, and couples

All services are safe and contactless through Zoom, Skype, FaceTime, or Google Meet.

Grief Coaching

Grief coaching begins with listening to your unique sorrow.

No one grieves as you do because your relationship with your loved one was, and is, unique. Coaching is short–term, usually four to six sessions, and focuses on your goals. Grievers don’t get over the death of a loved one but work their way through with a compassionate companion. I'm here for you, with active listening, empathy, and sensitive questions designed to get you moving through your grief in a healthy way.

Spiritual Coaching

Are needing spiritual direction for a vexing problem in your life?

  Spiritual coaching and direction is a combination of active listening and compassionate questions that move you forward. We will make progress in 4-6 sessions and get you moving in a more satisfying and fulfilling direction.

Couples Coaching

Coaching identifies what has worked for you as a couple in the past

and begins to recreate those moments through the art of active listening and specific questions to draw out your strengths as a couple. In other words, we’ll figure out what works, instead of focusing on what does not. This can happen in a few short sessions.