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Big Foot, The Horse

A Poem by David Martin

January 23, 2018

Big Foot, The Horse

Angular boned thoroughbred

Painted brown on white

Ambled down the dusty and

Sun-baked path.

With rider and rein

Upon a bare back

Sweating and shedding

Onto my dungarees.

Wrapped power encased in

Muscles a-rippling

The chittering cicadas

The hot, withering sun

A tsunami of heat

Shimmering mirages

Wafting upward

From the scorched clay.

The dappled equine

Turned on a dime

Paroxysms of horseflesh

Flying back to the barn

Without the rider

Surprised, then afraid

Me, suspended there

Frozen in time, then

Striking the ground with

Electric ripples of pain

Radiating wild erratic lines

Of fire to extremities

Breathless, I laid

Till able to stand

I slumped to the corral

To scold my riderless foe.

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