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Listening Might Catch On!

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

Eighty four years old and laid up in ICU, yet she welcomed me into her room. Her story came slowly at first, but tumbled out with tears after her first faltering attempts. She gave birth to twin daughters. When her daughters turned thirty nine years of age, one of the pair died after a brain hemorrhage. Their mother’s grief was palatable, even after ten years, so I sat silently.

There are some things that require no response, but simply quiet reverence with the story teller. Finally, I said, “Her death still hurts after all these years.”

“Yes.” The tears fell again as we sat quietly, remembering her sorrow.

“You are the first person to agree with me,” she whispered.

I believe she meant that I was the first not to try to fix her, or talk her out of her pain. Or even worse, say something like, “God needed another angel in heaven.” These responses are a sure sign we have grown uncomfortable with a person’s pain, and wish to escape our own discomfort.

Ten years is a long time to wait for a listening heart. You can be one of these kind hearts. Most of the time, all it takes, is to press your lips firmly together while waiting silently.

If you know the person, a light touch of the hand can be most comforting.

So, “be still, and know that He is God.” He’s the Great Physician, and the Master Healer can work through a vessel that is still and calm.

David Martin

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